Instruction of Inflatable Remote Controlled LED Ball

A full set of inflatable ball (Image 1)

  • 1PC Charger (12.6V 2A)
  • 1PC Mouth Piece Cover
  • 1PC Inflatable Ball

Inflatable LED Ball

                                 Image 1

Step 1: Active the balls(Image 2)

When the user get the ball, the balls are in sleep mode, please use the charger to active them first. After connecting to power, then the balls are ready to be controlled.

Please full charge them before use, the charger indicator light will turn to green from red after full charged.

Inflatable LED Ball

                           Image 2

A full set of pump (Image 3)

  • 1PC pump
  • 1PC adapter (12V 2A)
  • 1PC mouth piece

Inflatable LED Ball

                        Image 3

Step 2: Inflate the balls

  • Assemble the pump first. Connect power,put the middle size mouth piece on.
  • Inflate the ball with the pump, when the ball is about 70% inflated,screw on the ball mouth piece(Image 4).Then screw out the small cover on the main mouth piece (Image 5). Then inflate the ball till 100% inflated.

Inflatable LED Ball Inflatable LED Ball

                        Image 4                                                                  Image 5

A full set of controller (Image 6)

  • 1PC Controller
  • 1PC Antenna
  • 1PC Charger (6V1A)

Inflatable LED Ball

                        Image 6    

Inflatable LED Ball

                        Image 7    

Note:Before using the controller, please assemble the antenna first.

The controller has hidden functions. (Press and hold 2-7 color function buttons at the same time can get hidden functions) (Image 8)

Inflatable LED Ball

                        Image 8  

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