How Does GFLAI Serve You And Your Event?

The performance and effect of event planning is based on communication and hard work.

How We Start Your Events

When you learn about GFLAI through a search engine and log in to our website, we hope to help you have a deeper understanding of GFLAI by displaying past cases and main products on the page. After that we need you to go to the Contact Us page and fill out the form.

In the form we will ask the applicant to fill in some basic information about the activity and needs. Including inquiry, target products, event scale, event date, customization requirements, etc.

We hope to gain a preliminary understanding in this way so that we can better serve you. Of course, you can also directly add the staff’s What’s App to get direct contact with us more quickly and efficiently.

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How We Deal With Your Requirements

This question involves the following points:


GFLAI now has different product lines, and they each have different ways of presenting effects. And the cost requirements are also different. We will work with your budget to achieve a balance between effectiveness and cost.

Remote Control Solution:

It’s also GFLAI’s focus that helps event planner do the most convenient and efficient remote controls. The choice of solution depends on the size of the event and the event organizer’s familiarity with DMX equipment. In your statement we will recommend the most suitable solution for you from portable remote control, App remote control and DMX remote control.


We will also confirm your customization needs during communication. Including whether to customize services and the content of customized services (logo printing, appearance design, functions and pre-programmed settings).


Last but not least is the delivery date. Taking into account production and shipping time, we will inform you of the fastest delivery time.

What We Offer

GFLAI understands the complexities and difficulties of event planning. Therefore, we provide you with considerate solutions for different activities and on-site situations.

Personalized Customization

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GFLAI’s customization service does not stop at simple logo printing and appearance design of products. We provide you with technical customization attentively. From app development to personalized programming of remote control technology, we can realize it for you.

Wonderful lighting effects









High Quality Products

Remote controlled solutions


Handheld remote control

GFC005-Signal Transmitter

DMX512 Transmitter

GFC008-Wireless Signal Transmitter

App Control Transmitter

GFC008-Wireless Remote-Controller Signal Transmitter

DMX512+App Control Transmitter

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