GFLAI’s Remote Controllers And Transmitters

Remote controllers and signal transmitters play a crucial role in lighting design during your event, enabling wireless communication and remote control functionality across various devices.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of GFLAI’s remote controllers and signal transmitters, exploring the different types available, their applications, advantages and features. Whether you’re a consumer looking to the simplest solution of remote or a business seeking efficient and professional control solutions, understanding these technologies is key to harnessing their full potential. So, let’s dive in and discover the fascinating realm of remote control and wireless communication!


GFLAI’s Provides

  • Remote control radius: 150-200 meters

  • Controlled products quantity: 10000+

  • Power supply: 3.7V/3000mAh (Rechargeable lithium battery)

  • Size: About 12.5*8*2.2cm/4.9*3.1*0.9in

  • Accessories: 1*Remote controll, 1*Antenna, 1*6V1A Charger

Your Compact Control Solution for Lighting Design

Meet the 13-key handheld remote controller, designed for ease of use and versatility. With its compact size, this controller is perfect for lighting designers working on small or medium-sized events or for newcomers without DMX console experience.

  • Compact Size: Designed for portability, this handheld controller is easy to carry and use on the go.
  • 13 Keys: Control a range of lighting options with 13 keys, including switching between 7 vibrant colors and 5 dynamic flashing modes.
  • Simple Operation: No need for complicated debugging or setup; simply connect and start controlling your lights effortlessly.

Whether you’re creating ambiance for a party, setting the mood for a performance, or enhancing the atmosphere at an event, the 13-key handheld remote controller empowers you to achieve your lighting vision with ease and precision.

GFC005-Signal Transmitter
  • Remote control radius: 150-200 meters

  • Controlled products quantity: 10000+

  • Working frequency: 433.92MHz

  • Advanced function: Zoning control

  • Compatibility: Compatible with GrandMA and Avolites

For lighting designers who demand precision and versatility, the GFC005 DMX512 transmitter stands out as the ultimate control solution. Compatible with leading professional lighting consoles such as GrandMA and Avolites, this transmitter opens doors to a realm of advanced functionalities, making it the preferred choice for experienced lighting designers.

  • Professional Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with top-tier lighting consoles like GrandMA, Avolites and other mainstreamed control consoles, ensuring compatibility and streamlined operation.
  • Advanced Functions: Harness the power of advanced functions such as zoning control, allowing for intricate and dynamic lighting setups with precision control.
  • Masterful Control: Tailored for lighting designers who have mastered the nuances of lighting consoles, the GFC005 empowers you to execute complex lighting designs with ease and finesse.

Whether you’re orchestrating lighting for large-scale events, theatrical productions, or immersive installations, the GFC005 DMX512 transmitter elevates your craft, offering unparalleled control and stability. Step into a world of limitless possibilities and unlock the full potential of your lighting designs with the GFC005 at your fingertips.

GFC008-Wireless Remote-Controller Signal Transmitter
  • Remote control radius: 150-200 meters

  • Controlled products quantity: 10000+

  • Working frequency: 433.92MHz

  • Adavanced function: Sound-activated function, App controlled

  • Compatibility: Compatible with GrandMA and Avolites

Experience the best of both worlds with the GFC007 DMX512 Transmitter+App, a groundbreaking innovation that combines the compatibility of a professional console with the convenience and flexibility of app-based control. This transmitter not only supports advanced functions like sound-activated effects but also transforms your smartphone or tablet into a powerful control console, making it the ultimate choice for efficient and intuitive lighting control.

  • Professional Console Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with professional lighting consoles, ensuring compatibility and comprehensive control options for advanced users.
  • App Integration: Take advantage of the app mode, turning your phone or tablet into a versatile control console for LED bracelets or lightsticks. Enjoy a user-friendly interface and enhanced efficiency in managing your lighting setups.
  • Advanced Functions: Explore advanced functions such as sound-activated effects, adding dynamic and immersive elements to your lighting designs with ease.

Experience the future of lighting control with the GFC007 DMX512 Transmitter+App. Whether for live performances, nightclubs, or themed events, its professional console compatibility, sound-activated effects, and app integration offer effortless and creative lighting management. Step into a new era of intuitive control and let every moment shine with the GFC007.

Watch the video to learn more about the App.

GFC008-Wireless Signal Transmitter
  • Remote control radius: 150-200 meters

  • Controlled products quantity: 10000+

  • Working frequency: 433.92MHz

  • Compatibility: Compatible for mobile phones and tablets that installed with “RF fun” app.

Unlock the power of wireless control with the GFC008 RF App Transmitter, designed exclusively for use with the GFLAI official control application “RF Fun.” Utilizing radio frequency (RF) technology, this transmitter seamlessly communicates with LED bracelets or light sticks, turning your mobile phone or tablet into a professional and portable control hub.

  • RF Technology: Harness the reliability and flexibility of radio frequency technology to control LED bracelets and light sticks with precision.
  • App Compatibility: Designed for use with the GFLAI official control app “RF Fun,” offering a user-friendly interface and advanced control options.
  • Mobile Control: Transform your phone or tablet into a versatile and portable controller, allowing you to manage lighting effects on the go.

Experience wireless freedom and creative control with the GFC008 RF App Transmitter. Whether you’re adding flair to parties, enhancing stage performances, or creating dazzling light shows at events, this portable controller transforms your phone or tablet into a professional hub for managing LED bracelets and light sticks. Unleash your creativity on the go with the GFC008 RF App Transmitter and make every moment shine.

Watch the video to learn more about this equipment

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