Recently, we have received much feedback from our clients after they test the received samples.
Some of them asked
Why there’s a button on our bracelets?
What if the audiences of the events press these buttons and the bracelets go out of our control?
Why don’t you just remove this button?
These buttons are useless.
Button Switch Bracelets

If you ask us will we remove that button on the bracelet, the answer will be “No” for sure.

(Except the customers ask us to do customization with their light-up bracelets, customers need first.)

In a word, the reason why we keep this button with functions is to let the bracelets become useful when the audiences bring these led wristbands home instead of becoming garbage in the trash.

After the events, most of the event planners will let the audience take the bracelets home. Cause they think that this will help them to let the audience remember their brands by repeatedly seeing the logo on the bracelets. If they can only be controlled by the controller or just ON/OFF, then their destiny of them is to lie in the trash can. But if they can change the color or the flashing modes by themselves, they will keep them as well as the beautiful memory of the event with wonderful nights on their wrists.

Then what if the audience presses the button, changing the light color, and the flashing modes even turn the lights OFF? This won’t happen. When GFLAI LED bracelets are under the control of DMX signals, the button is invalid, which means the audience can not switch the function of the bracelets themselves during the events. Then the lights, the functions, and the light effect are only in the control of whoever controls them.

The GFLAI team has been involved in the LED bracelet industry since 2003. Two decades of experience have brought us the sensitivity of product design. The continuous improvement of design ideas and technology has also deepened and expanded the influence of our brands and products around the world. Of course, this is also inseparable from cooperation with excellent customers. They are our moose, giving us inspiration and motivation. Our products are also continuously outputting value to their business continuity and providing core quality assurance.

Finally, I sincerely thank the customers who asked why we did not remove this button and give us this opportunity to explain, and hope that all customers can ask more questions to discuss with us and make progress together to present the audience with unforgettable memories with our products.