Step1: Take out the following 7PCS accessories.

  1. 1PC*DMX512 Transmitter Box
  2. 1PC*Antenna
  3. 1PC*6V1A DC Charger
  4. 1PC*DMX Connect Cable
  5. 1PC*USB-DMX512 Box
  6. 1PC*USB Connector
  7. 1PC USB Cabel

Note: NO. 1-4 is a standard set of GF DMX512 transmitters;

NO. 4-7 add laptop control software is a standard driver kit if you need control with the DMX512 laptop control system. This kit, can either be ordered from a similar driver as an alternative. For the USB DMX512 Box, you can buy it from ENTTEC.

DMX512 Using Step1
DMX512 Using Step2


Assemble the antenna.


Connect the DMX cable to the DMX512 port of the transmitter.

DMX512 Using Step3
DMX512 Using Step4


Connect the other end of the DMX512 cable to the USB -DMX.


Connect the USB cable to the USB-DMX512 box.

Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB port of the laptop.

DMX512 Using Step5
DMX512 Using Step6


Connect the DC charger.


Connect power.

DMX512 Using Step7
DMX512 Using Step8


Switch on the LED Wristbands or any other DMX512 Lightups.